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ArrayFindByDimension(arrayToSearch, valueToFind, dimensionToSearch)

Last updated September 23, 2004


Grant Szabo

Version: 1 | Requires: CF6 | Library: DataManipulationLib

Extends Nathan Dintenfass' ArrayFindNoCase() by adding ability to search a specified dimension of a multidimensional array. Returns numeric array position of first dimension if element found, otherwise returns 0.

Return Values:
Returns a number.


arr = arrayNew(2);
arr[1][1] = "apple";
arr[1][2] = "pear";
arr[1][3] = "orange";
arr[2][1] = "star";
arr[2][2] = "nova";
arr[2][3] = "moon";

writeOutput(arrayFindByDimension(arr,"star",1) & "<br>");			
writeOutput(arrayFindByDimension(arr,"star",2) & "<br>");			



Name Description Required
arrayToSearch Array to search. Yes
valueToFind Value to find. Yes
dimensionToSearch Dimension to search. Yes

Full UDF Source:

 Search a multidimensional array for a value.
 @param arrayToSearch 	 Array to search. (Required)
 @param valueToFind 	 Value to find. (Required)
 @param dimensionToSearch 	 Dimension to search. (Required)
 @return Returns a number. 
 @author Grant Szabo ( 
 @version 1, September 23, 2004 
<cffunction name="ArrayFindByDimension" access="public" returntype="numeric" output="false">
	<cfargument name="arrayToSearch" type="array" required="Yes">
	<cfargument name="valueToFind" type="string" required="Yes">
	<cfargument name="dimensionToSearch" type="numeric" required="Yes">
		var ii = 1;
		//loop through the array, looking for the value
		for(; ii LTE arrayLen(arguments.arrayToSearch); ii = ii + 1){
			//if this is the value, return the index
			if(NOT compareNoCase(arguments.arrayToSearch[ii][arguments.dimensionToSearch], arguments.valueToFind))
				return ii;
		//if we've gotten this far, it means the value was not found, so return 0
		return 0;
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