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DynamicValueList(query, col[, delim])

Last updated August 14, 2002


Raymond Camden

Version: 1 | Requires: CF5 | Library: DataManipulationLib

The CFML function, ValueList, does not allow you to grab a column dynamically unless you use the evaluate function. This UDF allows you to grab a list of values from one particular column.

Return Values:
Returns a list.


<cfset test = queryNew("name,age")>
<cfloop index="x" from=1 to=5>
	<cfset queryAddRow(test)>
	<cfset querySetCell(test,"name","Random Name #randRange(1,10000)#")>
	<cfset querySetCell(test,"age","#randRange(1,100)#")>
<cfdump var="#test#">
<cfdump var="#DynamicValueList(test,"name")#">


Name Description Required
query The query to examine. Yes
col The column to return values for. Yes
delim Delimiter. Defaults to comma. No

Full UDF Source:

 * Returns a value list from a dynamic column of a query.
 * @param query 	 The query to examine. (Required)
 * @param col 	 The column to return values for. (Required)
 * @param delim 	 Delimiter. Defaults to comma. (Optional)
 * @return Returns a list. 
 * @author Raymond Camden ( 
 * @version 1, August 14, 2002 
function DynamicValueList(query,col) {
	var delim = ",";
	if(arrayLen(arguments) gte 3) delim = arguments[3];
	return arrayToList(query[col],delim);
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