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LeftDotDot(str[, l])

Last updated May 9, 2009


Peter Coppinger

Version: 0 | Requires: CF5 | Library: StrLib

leftDotDot turns "This is a nice day" into "This is a nic..". You can specify the clipping length. This is very handy when you have a limited layout or just want to give a preview. Or if you just want to ensure that some ridiculously long name doesn't mess things up. We use it extensively in Teamwork Project Manager.

Return Values:
Returns a string


<cfoutput>#HTMLEditFormat( LeftDotDot( productDescription, 50 ) )#</cfoutput>


Name Description Required
str String to use Yes
l length to use No

Full UDF Source:

 leftDotDot turns &quot;This is a nice day&quot; into &quot;This is a nic..&quot;
 @param str 	 String to use (Required)
 @param l 	 length to use (Optional)
 @return Returns a string 
 @author Peter Coppinger ( 
 @version 0, May 9, 2009 
<cffunction name="leftDotDot" output="no" returntype="string">
	<cfargument name="str" type="string" required="yes">
	<cfargument name="l" type="numeric" required="no" default="80">
	<cfset var result = str>
	<cfif Len( str ) GT l>
		<cfset result = Left( Trim(str), l-2 ) & "...">
	<cfreturn result>
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