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TextToDate(textString[, format])

Last updated January 21, 2005


Bill Rawlinson

Version: 1 | Requires: CF6 | Library: DateLib

Takes a numeric string and returns the best date equivilent based on the format you specify. Accepts four different formats: mmddyyyy, yyyymmdd, ddmmyyyy, yyyyddmm. If a date string is passed in the date is returned. If a non-numeric or non-date string is passed in it returns 1/1/1900.

Return Values:
Returns a date.


<cfset datevals = "01599,4/5/1978,010599,1599,151999,01051999,010519999,010501999,159,10599,avkld,24587,343532,12423232,987822,311993">

			<th>Old Date</th>
	<cfloop list="#dateVals#" index="dateval">
			<td>#dateval# </td>


Name Description Required
textString Date as a string. Yes
format Format of the date. Valid values are: mmddyyyy,yyyymmdd,ddmmyyyy,yyyyddmm No

Full UDF Source:

 cffunction that takes a text string and a format and returns a date object.
 @param textString 	 Date as a string. (Required)
 @param format 	 Format of the date. Valid values are: mmddyyyy,yyyymmdd,ddmmyyyy,yyyyddmm (Optional)
 @return Returns a date. 
 @author Bill Rawlinson ( 
 @version 1, January 21, 2005 
<cffunction name="textToDate" returnType="string" output="false" hint="converts a numeric string to a date object">
	<cfargument name="textString" type="string"	requied="true" hint="numeric string to convert to a date object">
	<cfargument name="format" type="string" required="false" default="mmddyyyy"	hint="best guess at the format of the string; valid values are mmddyyyy | yyyymmdd | ddmmyyyy | yyyyddmm">

	<cfset var dateval	= arguments.textstring>
	<cfset var month	= "">
	<cfset var day		= "">
	<cfset var year		= "">
	<cfset var detelen = "">
	<cfset var maxDays = "">
	<!--- placeholders used to find month and date on strings between 4-6 characters long --->
	<cfset var sp		= "">
	<cfset var counter1	= "">
	<cfset var counter2	= "">

	<cfif isNumeric(dateval)>
		<cfset datelen = len(dateval)>

		<cfswitch expression="#datelen#">
			<cfcase value="1,2,3">
				<cfset day = 1>
				<cfset month = 1>
				<cfset year = "1900">
			<cfcase value="4,5,6">
				<cfif right(arguments.format,4) eq "yyyy">
					<cfset year = right(dateval,2)>
					<cfset dateVal = left(dateval,Len(dateval)-2)>
					<cfset arguments.format = left(arguments.format,4)>
					<CFSET year = Left(dateval,2)>
					<CFSET dateVal = Right(dateval,Len(dateval)-2)>
					<CFSET arguments.format = Right(arguments.format,4)>

				due to variable lenths of remaining numbers
				we have to figure out where to chop up the string to get 
				the month and day 
				<cfset dateLen = len(dateval)>
				<cfset counter1 = 2>
				<cfset counter2 = 2>
				<cfif dateLen EQ 3>
					<cfset counter1 = 2>
					<cfset counter2 = 1>
				<cfelseif dateLen EQ 2>
					<cfset counter1 = 1>
					<cfset counter2 = 1>

				<cfif left(arguments.format,2) EQ "mm">
					<cfset month = mid(dateval,1,counter1)>
					<cfset sp = 1 + counter1>
					<cfset day = mid(dateval,sp,counter2)>
					<cfset day = mid(dateval,1,counter1)>
					<cfset sp = 1 + counter1>
					<cfset month = mid(dateval,sp,counter2)>

			<cfdefaultcase><!--- datelen gt 6 --->
				<cfif right(arguments.format,4) EQ "yyyy">
					<cfset year = right(dateval,4)>
					<cfset dateVal = left(dateval,len(dateval)-4)>
					<cfset arguments.format = left(arguments.format,4)>
					<cfset year = left(dateval,4)>
					<cfset dateVal = right(dateval,len(dateval)-4)>
					<cfset arguments.format = right(arguments.format,4)>
				<cfif left(arguments.format,2) EQ "mm">
					<cfset month = mid(dateval,1,2)>
					<cfset day = mid(dateval,3,2)>
					<cfset month = mid(dateval,3,2)>
					<cfset day = mid(dateval,1,2)>

		<cfset year = mid(val(year),1,4)>
		<cfset year = 0 & year>

		<cfset month = month MOD 12>
		<cfif month EQ 0>
			<cfset month = 12>

		<cfset maxDays = daysInMonth(createDate(year,month,1))>
		<cfset day = day MOD maxDays>
		<cfif day EQ 0>
			<cfset day = maxDays>

	<cfelseif isDate(dateval)>
		<cfset day = day(dateval)>
		<cfset month= month(dateval)>
		<cfset year= year(dateval)>
		 <!--- if an invalid string is passed in we return 1/1/1900 --->
		<cfset day = 1>
		<cfset month = 1>
		<cfset year = "1900">

	<cfreturn createDate(year,month,day)>

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