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ZipFileNew(zipPath, toZip[, relativeFrom])

Last updated January 19, 2004


Nathan Dintenfass

Version: 1 | Requires: CF6 | Library: FileSysLib

Pass a path to a directory or file and where you want to write the zip file, and POOF!: Zip file. Updated 1/19/04. Added a third optional argument that allows for easy creation of relative paths in the zip file.

Return Values:
Returns nothing.


	//make a zip file the /WEB-INF/cftags directory using the full path in the zip file
//	ZipFileNew(expandPath(""),expandPath("/WEB-INF/cftags/"));

	//make a zip file the /WEB-INF/cftags directory using the path /cftags as the top level directory in the zip file
//	ZipFileNew(expandPath(""),expandPath("/WEB-INF/cftags/"),expandPath("/WEB-INF/"));



Name Description Required
zipPath File name of the zip to create. Yes
toZip Folder or full path to file to add to zip. Yes
relativeFrom Some or all of the toZip path, from which the entries in the zip file will be relative No

Full UDF Source:

 * Create a zip file of a directory or just a file.
 * @param zipPath 	 File name of the zip to create. (Required)
 * @param toZip 	 Folder or full path to file to add to zip. (Required)
 * @param relativeFrom 	 Some or all of the toZip path, from which the entries in the zip file will be relative (Optional)
 * @return Returns nothing. 
 * @author Nathan Dintenfass ( 
 * @version 1.1, January 19, 2004 
function zipFileNew(zipPath,toZip){
	//make a fileOutputStream object to put the ZipOutputStream into
	var output = createObject("java","").init(zipPath);
	//make a ZipOutputStream object to create the zip file
	var zipOutput = createObject("java","").init(output);
	//make a byte array to use when creating the zip
	//yes, this is a bit of hack, but it works
	var byteArray = repeatString(" ",1024).getBytes();
	//we'll need to create an inputStream below for writing out to the zip file
	var input = "";
	//we'll be making zipEntries below, so make a variable to hold them
	var zipEntry = "";
	var zipEntryPath = "";
	//we'll use this while reading each file
	var len = 0;
	//a var for looping below
	var ii = 1;
	//a an array of the files we'll put into the zip
	var fileArray = arrayNew(1);
	//an array of directories we need to traverse to find files below whatever is passed in
	var directoriesToTraverse = arrayNew(1);
	//a var to use when looping the directories to hold the contents of each one
	var directoryContents = "";
	//make a fileObject we can use to traverse directories with
	var fileObject = createObject("java","").init(toZip);
	//which part of the file path should be excluded in the zip?
	var relativeFrom = "";
	//if there is a 3rd argument, that is the relativeFrom value
	if(structCount(arguments) GT 2){
		relativeFrom = arguments[3];
	// first, we'll deal with traversing the directory tree below the path passed in, so we get all files under the directory
	// in reality, this should be a separate function that goes out and traverses a directory, but does not allow for UDF's that rely on other UDF's!!
	//if this is a directory, let's set it in the directories we need to traverse
	//if it's not a directory, add it the array of files to zip
	//now, loop through directories iteratively until there are none left
		//grab the contents of the first directory we need to traverse
		directoryContents = directoriesToTraverse[1].listFiles();
		//loop through the contents of this directory
		for(ii = 1; ii LTE arrayLen(directoryContents); ii = ii + 1){			
			//if it's a directory, add it to those we need to traverse
			//if it's not a directory, add it to the array of files we want to add
		//now kill the first member of the directoriesToTraverse to clear out the one we just did
	// And now, on to the zip file
	//let's use the maximum compression
	//loop over the array of files we are going to zip, adding each to the zipOutput
	for(ii = 1; ii LTE arrayLen(fileArray); ii = ii + 1){
		//make a fileInputStream object to read the file into
		input = createObject("java","").init(fileArray[ii].getPath());
		//make an entry for this file
		zipEntryPath = fileArray[ii].getPath();
		//if we are making the zip relative from a certain directory, exclude that from the zipEntryPath
			zipEntryPath = replace(zipEntryPath,relativeFrom,"");
		zipEntry = createObject("java","").init(zipEntryPath);
		//put the entry into the zipOutput stream
		// Transfer bytes from the file to the ZIP file
		len =;
		while (len GT 0) {
			zipOutput.write(byteArray, 0, len);
			len =;
		//close out this entry
	//close the zipOutput
	//return nothing
	return "";
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