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arrayFind(array, valueToFind)

Last updated April 30, 2008


Larry C. Lyons

Version: 2 | Requires: CF6 | Library: DataManipulationLib

The arrayFind function performs a case sensitive search to find the index number of a value in a single dimension array using the java.util.List indexOf method. Because this function performs a case sensitive search, Harry or hArry etc., would not be found (if the item is harry). Also since java arrays start at 0, I modified the returned value to conform to CFMX array index values.

Return Values:
Returns a number, 0 if no match is found.


<cfset arry = listToArray("tom, dick, harry, phred")>

<cfset test = arrayFind(arry,"tom")>

returns a 1

<cfset test2 = arrayFind(arry,"Tom")>

returns a 0 (not found)


Name Description Required
array Array to search. Yes
valueToFind Value to find. Yes

Full UDF Source:

 The arrayFind function uses the java.util.list indexOf function to find an element in an array.
 v1 by Nathan Dintenfas.
 @param array 	 Array to search. (Required)
 @param valueToFind 	 Value to find. (Required)
 @return Returns a number, 0 if no match is found. 
 @author Larry C. Lyons ( 
 @version 2, April 30, 2008 
<cffunction name="arrayFind" access="public" hint="returns the index number of an item if it is in the array" output="false" returntype="numeric">

<cfargument name="array" required="true" type="array">
<cfargument name="valueToFind" required="true" type="string">

<cfreturn (arguments.array.indexOf(arguments.valueToFind)) + 1>
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