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arrayOfStructsToStructsOfStructs(array, key)

Last updated June 11, 2009


Tayo Akinmade

Version: 0 | Requires: CF6 | Library: DataManipulationLib

This UDF accepts an array of structures and converts it to a structure of structures. It accepts an array of structures and a key as mandatory arguments. The key must exist in all structures in the array

Return Values:
Returns a struct.


<cfset aArray = arrayNew(1)>

<cfset stStruct1 = structNew()>
<cfset = "Micheal">
<cfset stStruct1.age = 20>

<cfset stStruct2 = structNew()>
<cfset = "Smidt">
<cfset stStruct2.age = 25>

<cfset aArray[1] = stStruct1>
<cfset aArray[2] = stStruct2>

<cfset stStructOfStructs = ArrayOfStructsToStructsOfStructs(array=aArray,key="name"))>
<cfdump var="#stStructofStructs#">


Name Description Required
array An array of structs. Yes
key A key value to use for the new structure. Must exist in all structs in the array. Yes

Full UDF Source:

 Converts an array of structures to an structure of structures,
 @param array 	 An array of structs. (Required)
 @param key 	 A key value to use for the new structure. Must exist in all structs in the array. (Required)
 @return Returns a struct. 
 @author Tayo Akinmade ( 
 @version 0, June 11, 2009 
<cffunction name="ArrayOfStructsToStructsOfStructs" access="public" output="false" returntype="struct" hint="Converts an array of structs to an struct of structs">
		<cfargument name="array" type="array" required="true" hint="An array of structures">
		<cfargument name="key" type="string" required="true" hint="Key to use">
			var stStructOfStructs = structNew();
			var i = 0;
			// loop over array
			for(i=1;i lte arrayLen(arguments.array);i=i+1){
				stStructOfStructs[arguments.array[i][arguments.key]] = arguments.array[i];
		    return stStructOfStructs;
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