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byteAutoConvert(bytes[, maxreduction])

Last updated March 3, 2010


Joerg Zimmer

Version: 0 | Requires: CF5 | Library: StrLib

pass this function your byte-vales (for example from a cfdirectory-resultset) and receive the value converted to the shortest possible, human-readable format. It's possible to limit the amount of reduction.

Return Values:
returns a string


Autoconvert: #byteAutoConvert(1124008800)#<br />
Convert to MB or lower: #byteAutoConvert(1124008800,2)#


Name Description Required
bytes size in bytes to format Yes
maxreduction limit on reduction No

Full UDF Source:

 Converts Byte values to the shortest human-readable format
 03-mar-2010 minor change to the way units variable was created
 @param bytes 	 size in bytes to format (Required)
 @param maxreduction 	 limit on reduction (Optional)
 @return returns a string 
 @author Joerg Zimmer ( 
 @version 0, March 3, 2010 
<cffunction name="byteAutoConvert" access="public" returntype="string" output="false">
	<cfargument name="bytes" type="numeric" required="true">
	<cfargument name="maxreduction" type="numeric" required="false" default="9">
	<cfset var units = listToArray("B,KB,MB,GB,TB,PB,EB,ZB,YB",",")>> 
	<cfset var conv = 0>
	<cfset var exp = 0>
	<cfif arguments.maxreduction gte 9>
		<cfset arguments.maxreduction = arraylen(units) - 1>
	<cfif arguments.bytes gt 0>
		<cfset exp = fix(log(arguments.bytes) / log(1024))>
		<cfif exp gt arguments.maxreduction>
			<cfset exp = arguments.maxreduction>
		<cfset conv = arguments.bytes / (1024^exp)>
	<cfreturn "#trim(lsnumberformat(conv,"_____.00"))# #units[exp + 1]#"/>
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