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fixedWidthToQuery(columnNames, widths, data[, customRegex])

Last updated December 20, 2007


Umer Farooq

Version: 1 | Requires: CF6 | Library: DataManipulationLib

Converts any type of fixed width string to a ColdFusion query object.

Return Values:
Returns a query.


<cffile action="READ" file="50102-new.txt" variable="fileData"></cffile>
<cfset columNames = "stockNo,year,make,model,vehicleTrim,extcolor,vin,price">
<cfset columnWidth = "11,5,16,16,21,16,19,8">
<cfset recordSet = fixedWidthToQuery(columNames,columnWidth,fileData)>


Name Description Required
columnNames A list of column names. Yes
widths A corresponding list of widths. Yes
data The data to parse. Yes
customRegex A regular expression to be used to parse the line. No

Full UDF Source:

 Converts fixed width string to a ColdFusion query.
 Modified by Raymond Camden for missing var, and support newlines better.
 @param columnNames 	 A list of column names. (Required)
 @param widths 	 A corresponding list of widths. (Required)
 @param data 	 The data to parse. (Required)
 @param customRegex 	 A regular expression to be used to parse the line. (Optional)
 @return Returns a query. 
 @author Umer Farooq ( 
 @version 1, December 20, 2007 
<cffunction name="fixedWidthToQuery" hint="I turn fixed width data to query">
	<cfargument name="columnNames" required="Yes" type="string">
	<cfargument name="widths" required="Yes" type="string">
	<cfargument name="data" required="Yes" type="string">
	<cfargument name="customRegex" required="No" type="string">
	<cfset var tempQuery = QueryNew(arguments.columnNames)>
	<cfset var regEx = "">
	<cfset var findResults = "">
	<cfset var i = "">
	<cfset var line = "">
	<cfset var x = "">
	<!--- build our regex --->
	<cfif NOT isDefined("arguments.customRegEx")>
		<cfloop list="#arguments.widths#" index="i">
			<cfset regex = regex & "(.{" & i & "})">
		<cfset regEx = arguments.customRegex>
	<!--- fix newlines for different os --->
	<cfset = replace(,chr(10),chr(13),"all")>
	<cfset = replace(,chr(13)&chr(13),chr(13),"all")>
	<!--- loop the data --->
	<cfloop list="" delimiters="#chr(13)#" index="line">
		<!--- run our regex --->
		<cfset findResults = refind(regEx, line, 1, true)>
		<!--- find our that our match records equals number of columns plus one. --->
		<cfif arrayLen(findResults.pos) eq listLen(arguments.columnNames)+1>
			<cfset QueryAddRow(tempQuery)>
			<!--- loop the find resuls array from postion 2... 
			      and get the column name x-1 as our regex results are number of columsn plus 1
				  and load that data into the query  --->
			<cfloop from="2" to="#arrayLen(findResults.pos)#" index="x">
				<cfset QuerySetCell(tempQuery, listGetAt(arguments.columnNames, x-1), trim(mid(line, findResults.pos[x], findResults.len[x])))> 
	<cfreturn tempQuery>
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