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highlightAndCrop(string, term[, size][, wrap])

Last updated March 24, 2010


Raymond Camden

Version: 2 | Requires: CF6 | Library: StrLib

This UDF will search a string for keywords and return them highlighted. It also crops the string "around" the matched term. Useful on search results pages. This UDF requires ColdFusion 9 only because of the use of var after the beginning of the UDF. It could easily be modified to work in CFMX.

Return Values:
Returns a string.




Name Description Required
string String to scan/crop. Yes
term Search term to find/highlight. Can be a list. Yes
size Size of the cropped string. Defaults to total size of the string. No
wrap The HTML to use to wrap the term. No

Full UDF Source:

 Crops a string and highlights keywords.
 v2 mods by Tuyen (
 @param string 	 String to scan/crop. (Required)
 @param term 	 Search term to find/highlight. Can be a list. (Required)
 @param size 	 Size of the cropped string. Defaults to total size of the string. (Optional)
 @param wrap 	 The HTML to use to wrap the term. (Optional)
 @return Returns a string. 
 @author Raymond Camden ( 
 @version 2, March 24, 2010 
<cffunction name="highlightAndCrop" access="public" output="false" hint="Given an arbitrary string and a search term, find it, and return a 'cropped' set of text around the match.">
	<cfargument name="string" type="string" required="true" hint="Main blob of text">
	<cfargument name="term" type="string" required="true" hint="Keyword to look for.">
	<cfargument name="size" type="numeric" required="false" hint="Size of result string. Defaults to total size of string. Note this is a bit fuzzy - we split it in two and return that amount before and after the match. The size of term and wrap will therefore impact total string length.">
	<cfargument name="wrap" type="string" required="false" default="<b></b>" hint="HTML to wrap the match. MUST be one pair of HTML tags.">

	<cfset var excerpt = "">
	<cfset var pad = "">
	<cfset var match = "">
	<cfset var thisKeyword = "">
	<cfset var end = "">
	<cfset var endInitialTag = "">
	<cfset var beginTag = "">
	<cfset var endTag = "">
	<!--- clean the string --->
	<cfset arguments.string = trim(rereplace(arguments.string, "<.*?>", "", "all"))>

	<!--- pad is half our total --->
	<cfif not structKeyExists(arguments, "size")>
		<cfset arguments.size = len(arguments.string)>
	<cfset pad = ceiling(arguments.size/2)>

	<cfloop list="#arguments.term#" index="thisKeyword">
		<cfif match is 0>
			<cfset match = findNoCase(thisKeyword, arguments.string)>
		<cfelseif findNoCase(thisKeyword, arguments.string) lt match>
			<cfset match = findNoCase(thisKeyword, arguments.string)>
	<cfif match lte pad>
		<cfset match = 1>
	<cfset end = match + len(arguments.term) + arguments.size>

	<!--- now create the main string around the match --->
	<cfif len(arguments.string) gt arguments.size>
		<cfif match gt 1>
			<cfset excerpt = "..." & mid(arguments.string, match-pad, end-match)>
			<cfset excerpt = left(arguments.string,end)>
		<cfif len(arguments.string) gt end>
			<cfset excerpt = excerpt & "...">
		<cfset excerpt = arguments.string>

	<!--- split up my wrap - I bet this can be done better... --->
	<cfset endInitialTag = find(">",arguments.wrap)>
	<cfset beginTag = left(arguments.wrap, endInitialTag)>
	<cfset endTag = mid(arguments.wrap, endInitialTag+1, len(arguments.wrap))>

	<cfloop list="#arguments.term#" index="thisKeyword">
		<cfset excerpt = reReplaceNoCase(excerpt, "(#thisKeyword#)", "#beginTag#\1#endTag#","all")>
	<cfreturn excerpt>
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