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imageResizeAspectRatio(originalWidth, originalHeight, target)

Last updated February 22, 2006


Christopher Jordan

Version: 1 | Requires: CF5 | Library: UtilityLib

This function will give you the properly resized dimensions of an image. In other words, you give it the original dimensions, the new maximum size, and the UDF returns the new size numbers while maintaining the aspect ratio. This could be very handy to use with the ImageSize UDF already published on which returns an image's width and height.

Return Values:
Returns a structure.


<CFSet Image = imageResizeAspectRatio(400,300,300)>

or... using the ImageSize UDF...

<CFSet OriginalSize = imageSize("c:\inetpub\wwwroot\sample.jpg")>
<CFSet NewImageSize = imageResizeAspectRatio(OriginalSize.width,OriginalSize.height,150)>


Name Description Required
originalWidth Width of image. Yes
originalHeight Height of image. Yes
target New target size. Yes

Full UDF Source:

 * Returns the proper dimensions of an image resized to a certain maximum size.
 * @param originalWidth 	 Width of image. (Required)
 * @param originalHeight 	 Height of image. (Required)
 * @param target 	 New target size. (Required)
 * @return Returns a structure. 
 * @author Christopher Jordan ( 
 * @version 1, February 22, 2006 
function imageResizeAspectRatio(originalWidth,originalHeight,target){
	var width		= 0;
	var height		= 0;
	var percentage	= 0;
	var imageProperties	= structnew();

	percentage = (target / originalHeight);
	if (originalWidth gt originalHeight) { 
		percentage = (target / originalWidth);
	newWidth				= round(originalWidth * percentage);
	newHeight				= round(originalHeight * percentage);
	imageProperties.width	= newWidth;
	imageProperties.height	= newHeight;
	return imageProperties;		
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