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parseExcel(excelFile[, returnType])

Last updated May 19, 2011


anthony petruzzi

Version: 2 | Requires: CF8 | Library: UtilityLib

Converts an excel file to a structure of arrays

Return Values:
Returns a struct of arrays.


<cfset myVar = ParseExcel("#expandpath('example.xls')#") />
<cfdump var="#myVar#" />


Name Description Required
excelFile Excel file to parse. Yes
returnType Whether to return a query or a structure. Defaults to an empty string which means a query. No

Full UDF Source:

 Converts an excel file to a structure of arrays
 Modded by Raymond Camden to fix incorrect col count
 added minor changes from Tony
 @param excelFile 	 Excel file to parse. (Required)
 @param returnType 	 Whether to return a query or a structure. Defaults to an empty string which means a query. (Optional)
 @return Returns a struct of arrays. 
 @author anthony petruzzi ( 
 @version 2, May 19, 2011 
<cffunction name="parseExcel" access="public" returntype="any" output="false">
       <cfargument name="excelFile" type="string" required="true">
       <cfargument name="returnType" type="string" required="false" default="">
       <cfset var loc = {}>
       <!--- structure to hold data retrieved --->
       <cfset loc.ret = {}>
       <!--- did we get headers yet --->
       <cfset loc.firstRow = true>
       <!--- create io stream for the excel file --->
       <cfset = CreateObject("java","").init(excelFile)>
       <!--- read the excel file --->
       <cfset loc.workbook = CreateObject("java","org.apache.poi.hssf.usermodel.HSSFWorkbook").init(>
       <!--- get the first sheet of the workbook. zero indexed --->
       <cfset loc.workSheet = loc.workBook.getSheetAt(javacast("int", 0))>
       <!--- get the number of rows the sheet has. zero indexed --->
       <cfset loc.rows = loc.workSheet.getLastRowNum()>

       <cfif !loc.rows>
               <cfreturn loc.ret>

       <!--- array to store data --->
       <cfset = []>
       <!--- loop through the rows and get the values. --->
       <cfloop from="0" to="#loc.rows#" index="loc.atrow">
               <!--- get the row --->
               <cfset loc.row = loc.workSheet.getRow(javacast("int", loc.atrow))>
               <!--- first check to see if first cell 1 is blank, if not process, if so move to next --->
               <cfset loc.checkCell = loc.row.getCell(0).getStringCellValue()>
               <!--- if the first cell isn't blank, proceed --->
               <cfif len(trim(loc.checkCell))>
                       <!--- the first row will tell us the number of columns to process --->
                       <cfif loc.firstRow>
                               <cfset loc.cols = loc.row.getLastCellNum() - 1>
                               <cfset loc.firstrow = false>
                       <cfset loc.values = []>
                       <!--- loop through the columns (cells) of the row and get the values --->
                       <cfloop from="0" to="#loc.cols#" index="loc.col">
                               <cfset loc.value = "">
                               <cfset loc.cellType = loc.row.getCell(javacast("int", loc.col))>
                               <cfif structkeyexists(loc, "celltype")>
                                       <cfif loc.cellType.getCellType() eq 0>
                                               <cfset loc.value = loc.cellType.getNumericCellValue()>
                                               <cfset loc.value = loc.cellType.getStringCellValue()>
                               <cfset arrayappend(loc.values, loc.value)>

                       <!--- store the data --->
                       <cfset arrayappend(, loc.values)>

       <cfif !arraylen(>
               <cfreturn loc.ret>

       <!--- create a struct of arrays to return --->
       <cfset loc.numDown = arraylen(>
       <cfset loc.numAcross = ++loc.cols>
       <cfloop from="1" to="#loc.numAcross#" index="loc.across">
               <cfloop from="1" to="#loc.numDown#" index="loc.down">
               <!--- header --->
               <cfif loc.down eq 1>
                       <cfset loc.key =[loc.down][loc.across]>
                       <cfset loc.ret[loc.key] = []>
                       <cfset arrayappend(loc.ret[loc.key],[loc.down][loc.across])>

       <cfif arguments.returnType eq "query">
               <cfset loc.q = QueryNew("")>
               <cfloop collection="#loc.ret#" item="loc.i">
                       <cfset QueryAddColumn(loc.q, loc.i, "varchar", loc.ret[loc.i])>
               <cfset loc.ret = loc.q>

       <cfreturn loc.ret>
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