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GetSecureURL([domain][, path][, queryString][, port])

Last updated May 10, 2009


Jon Hartmann

Version: 0 | Requires: CF5 | Library: StrLib

This function takes cgi information and creates a URL for an https to the current page. Each section can be overridden to allow it to create URLS for other locations.

Return Values:
Returns a string


<cfdump var="#GetSecureURL()#">


Name Description Required
domain url to secure No
path page to secure No
queryString queryString for page No
port additional port to use in url No

Full UDF Source:

 Creates an HTTPS URL for the current page, or for given page information.
 @param domain      url to secure (Optional)
 @param path      page to secure (Optional)
 @param queryString      queryString for page (Optional)
 @param port      additional port to use in url (Optional)
 @return Returns a string 
 @author Jon Hartmann ( 
 @version 0, May 9, 2009 
<cffunction name="GetSecureURL" output="false" returntype="string">
    <cfargument name="domain" typ="string" required="false" default="#cgi.server_name#" />
    <cfargument name="path" typ="string" required="false" default="#cgi.script_name#" />
    <cfargument name="queryString" typ="string" required="false" default="#cgi.query_string#" />
    <cfargument name="port" typ="string" required="false" default="#cgi.server_port#" />
    <cfset var HTTPSURL = "https://" & arguments.domain />
    <cfif IsNumeric(arguments.port)>
        <cfset HTTPSURL = HTTPSURL & ":" & arguments.port />
    <cfset HTTPSURL = HTTPSURL & arguments.path />
    <cfif Len(arguments.queryString)>
        <cfset HTTPSURL = HTTPSURL & "?" & arguments.queryString />
    <cfreturn HTTPSURL />


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