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LenStruct(structIn[, excludeList][, ending])

Last updated October 05, 2004


Peter J. Farrell

Version: 1 | Requires: CF5 | Library: DataManipulationLib

Computes the length of every key in the passed structure. Optionally allows you to set the end stem of the returned struct. The return structure keys are the same as the passed structure keys plus the end stem is appended (default: "_Len"). Also, allows you to pass an exclude list of keys not to return if you wish to only get lens on some of the passed structure. This UDF will not process complex data types - simple values only. Great to use on the form scope (which is a stucture itself) if you do len checking for data validation passed from forms. Feel free to modify if you wish to recursively go through nested structures. Thanks to Mike Gillespie and Raymond Camden and their TrimStruct UDF for giving me this idea.

Return Values:
Returns a struct.


// Create test struct and set vars
test = StructNew();
test.a = "a"; = "bb";
test.ccc = "ccc";
// With no optional ending or exludelist
test_len = LenStruct(test);

<cfdump var="#test_len#">


Name Description Required
structIn The struct to check. Yes
excludeList List of keys to ignore. No
ending String to append to key names in resulting struct. No

Full UDF Source:

 * Computes the length of every key in the passed structure and returns a structure with unique key names of the lengths.
 * @param structIn      The struct to check. (Required)
 * @param excludeList      List of keys to ignore. (Optional)
 * @param ending      String to append to key names in resulting struct. (Optional)
 * @return Returns a struct. 
 * @author Peter J. Farrell ( 
 * @version 1, October 5, 2004 
function LenStruct(structIn) {
    var i = 0;
    var structIn_count = StructCount(structIn);
    var struct0ut = StructNew();
    var ending = "_Len";
    var excludeList = "";
    var key = "";
    // Check if excludeList was passed
    if(arrayLen(Arguments) GT 1) {
        excludeList = Arguments[2];
    // Check if different ending was passed
    if(arrayLen(Arguments) GT 2) {
        ending = Arguments[3];
    for (key IN structIn) {
        if (NOT listFindNoCase(excludeList,key) AND isSimpleValue(structIn[key])) {
            structOut[key&ending] = Len(structIn[key]);
    return structOut;


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