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QueryRandomRows(theQuery, NumberOfRows)

Last updated July 10, 2002


James Moberg

Version: 2 | Requires: CF10 | Library: DataManipulationLib

Returns a query object with a specified number of random records from the passed query. Some code based on QuerySlice() by Kevin Bridges (

Return Values:
Returns a query.


<CFSET Foo = QueryNew("name,age,rank")>
<CFSET QueryAddRow(Foo)>
<CFSET QuerySetCell(Foo,"name","Random Name #X#")>
<CFSET QuerySetCell(Foo,"age",RandRange(20,50))>
<CFSET QuerySetCell(Foo,"rank",RandRange(1,10))>
<CFDUMP VAR="#Foo#">
<CFSET Shorter = QueryRandomRows(Duplicate(Foo), 3)>
<CFOUTPUT>3 Random Rows...</CFOUTPUT>
<CFDUMP VAR="#Shorter#">


Name Description Required
theQuery The query to return random records from. Yes
NumberOfRows The number of random records to return. Yes

Full UDF Source:

 * Returns specified number of random records.
 * @param theQuery      The query to return random records from. (Required)
 * @param NumberOfRows      The number of random records to return. (Required)
 * @return Returns a query. 
 * @author James Moberg (
 * @version 1, July 10, 2002 
 * @version 2, January 16, 2018 by James Moberg (
   Update to CFFunction to avoid older Q-of-Q bugs. Dupe query, add temporary & random column value and requery w/max rows 
<CFFUNCTION NAME="QueryRandomRows" returntype="query" output="false" hint="Returns a randomized query">
    <CFARGUMENT NAME="theQuery" TYPE="query" REQUIRED="yes" HINT="database query">
    <CFARGUMENT NAME="NumberOfRows" TYPE="numeric" DEFAULT="5" REQUIRED="yes" HINT="maximum number of records to return">
    <CFSET var Temp = {
        FinalQuery = Duplicate(Arguments.theQuery),
        RandomColName = "Random#GetTickCount()#",
        thisRow = 0,
        MaxRows = VAL(Arguments.NumberOfRows),
        RandomPositions = []
    <CFIF Temp.FinalQuery.RecordCount LT Temp.MaxRows>
        <CFSET Temp.MaxRows = Temp.FinalQuery.RecordCount>
    <CFIF Temp.FinalQuery.RecordCount GT 1>
        <!--- Pick Random Position; generate array w/indexes, shuffle, the pick first X array items --->
        <CFLOOP FROM="1" TO="#Temp.FinalQuery.RecordCount#" INDEX="Temp.thisRow">
            <CFSET ArrayAppend(Temp.RandomPositions, JavaCast("int", Temp.thisRow))>
        <CFSET CreateObject("java", "java.util.Collections").Shuffle(Temp.RandomPositions)>
        <CFSET Temp.RandomPositions = Temp.RandomPositions.subList(0, Temp.MaxRows)>
        <!--- Add RandomX column to selected query rows, insert random values, requery & remove randomX column --->
        <CFSET QueryAddColumn(Temp.FinalQuery, Temp.RandomColName, "INTEGER", ArrayNew(1))>
        <CFLOOP ARRAY="#Temp.RandomPositions#" INDEX="Temp.thisRow">
            <CFSET Temp.FinalQuery[Temp.RandomColName][Temp.ThisRow] = javacast("int", RandRange(1, 2147483647, "SHA1PRNG"))>
        <CFQUERY NAME="Temp.FinalQuery" DBTYPE="query" MAXROWS="#Temp.MaxRows#">SELECT #Arguments.theQuery.ColumnList#
        FROM Temp.FinalQuery
        ORDER BY #Temp.RandomColName# DESC</CFQUERY>
    <CFReturn Temp.FinalQuery>


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