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Last updated October 11, 2011


John Bartlett

Version: 5 | Requires: CF8 | Library: UtilityLib

Detects what browser the user is using and version number. If the HTTP_USER_AGENT is stripped by a firewall or unknown (edited) Agent ID string, an "Unknown" is returned.

Return Values:
Returns a string.




Name Description Required
UserAgent User agent string to parse. Defaults to cgi.http_user_agent. No

Full UDF Source:

 * Detects 130+ browsers.
 * v2 by Daniel Harvey, adds Flock/Chrome and Safari fix.         
 * v5 fix by RCamden based on bug found by Jeff Mayer
 * @param UserAgent      User agent string to parse. Defaults to cgi.http_user_agent. (Optional)
 * @return Returns a string. 
 * @author John Bartlett ( 
 * @version 5, October 10, 2011 
function browserDetect() {

    // Default User Agent to the CGI browser string
    var UserAgent=CGI.HTTP_USER_AGENT;
    // Regex to parse out version numbers
    var VerNo="/?v?_? ?v?[\(?]?([A-Z0-9]*\.){0,9}[A-Z0-9\-.]*(?=[^A-Z0-9])";
    // List of browser names
    var BrowserList="";
    // Identified browser info
    var BrowserName="";
    var BrowserVer="";
    // Working variables
    var Browser="";
    var tmp="";
    var tmp2="";
    var x=0;
    // If a value was passed to the function, use it as the User Agent
    if (ArrayLen(Arguments) EQ 1) UserAgent=Arguments[1];
    // Allow regex to match on EOL and instring
    UserAgent=UserAgent & " ";
    // Browser List (Allows regex - see BlackBerry for example)
    BrowserList="1X|Amaya|Ubuntu APT-HTTP|AmigaVoyager|Android|Arachne|Amiga-AWeb|Arora|Bison|Bluefish|Browsex|Camino|Check&Get|Chimera|Chrome|Contiki|cURL|Democracy|" &
                "Dillo|DocZilla|edbrowse|ELinks|Emacs-W3|Epiphany|Galeon|Minefield|Firebird|Phoenix|Flock|IceApe|IceWeasel|IceCat|Gnuzilla|" &
                "Google|Google-Sitemaps|HTTPClient|HP Web PrintSmart|IBrowse|iCab|ICE Browser|Kazehakase|KKman|K-Meleon|Konqueror|Links|Lobo|Lynx|Mosaic|SeaMonkey|" &
                "muCommander|NetPositive|Navigator|NetSurf|OmniWeb|Acorn Browse|Oregano|Prism|retawq|Shiira Safari|Shiretoko|Sleipnir|Songbird|Strata|Sylera|" &
                "ThunderBrowse|W3CLineMode|WebCapture|WebTV|w3m|Wget|Xenu_Link_Sleuth|Oregano|xChaos_Arachne|WDG_Validator|W3C_Validator|" &
                "Jigsaw|PLAYSTATION 3|PlayStation Portable|IPD|" &
                // Mobile strings
                BrowserList=BrowserList & "iPhone|Vodafone|J-PHONE|DDIPocket|EudoraWeb|Minimo|PLink|Plucker|NetFront|PIE|Xiino|" &
                "Opera Mini|IEMobile|portalmmm|OpVer|MobileExplorer|Blazer|MobileExplorer|Opera Mobi|BlackBerry\d*[A-Za-z]?|" &
                "PPC|PalmOS|Smartphone|Netscape|Opera|Safari|Firefox|MSIE|HP iPAQ|LGE|MOT-[A-Z0-9\-]*|Nokia|";
                // No browser version given
                BrowserList=BrowserList & "AlphaServer|Charon|Fetch|Hv3|IIgs|Mothra|Netmath|OffByOne|pango-text|Avant Browser|midori|Smart Bro|Swiftfox";
                // Identify browser and version
    if (ArrayLen(Browser) GT 0) {
        if (ArrayLen(Browser) GT 1) {
            // If multiple browsers detected, delete the common "spoofed" browsers
            if (Browser[1] EQ "MSIE 6.0" AND Browser[2] EQ "MSIE 7.0") ArrayDeleteAt(Browser,1);
            if (Browser[1] EQ "MSIE 7.0" AND Browser[2] EQ "MSIE 6.0") ArrayDeleteAt(Browser,2);
            for (x=ArrayLen(Browser); x GTE 1; x=x-1) {
                if (ListFindNoCase("Navigator,Netscape,Opera,Safari,Firefox,MSIE,PalmOS,PPC",tmp[1]) GT 0) ArrayDeleteAt(Browser,x);
            if (ArrayLen(Browser) EQ 0) Browser[1]=tmp2;
        // Seperate out browser name and version number
        tmp=Rematchnocase("[A-Za-z0-9. _\-&]*",Browser[1]);

        if (ArrayLen(tmp) EQ 2) BrowserVer=tmp[2];
        // Handle "Version" in browser string
        if (ArrayLen(tmp) EQ 1) {
            //hack added by Camden to try better handle weird UAs
            if(arrayLen(tmp) eq 2) BrowserVer=tmp[2];
            else browserVer=tmp[1];
        // Handle multiple BlackBerry browser strings
        if (Left(Browser,10) EQ "BlackBerry") Browser="BlackBerry";
        // Return result
        return Browser & " " & BrowserVer;
    // Unable to identify browser
    return "Unknown";



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