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cfRssFeed(feedURL[, amount])

Last updated November 20, 2008


Jose Diaz-Salcedo

Version: 2 | Requires: CF6 | Library: StrLib

This UDF display's a rss feed to a web browser, in a readable format.

Return Values:
Returns a query.


<cfinclude template="rssfeedUdf.cfm">

<cfset rssFeed = cfRssFeed("")>

<font face="arial" size="2">
<cfoutput query="rssFeed">
  <li><b><a href="#link#">#title#</a></b> - #description#</li><br>


Name Description Required
feedURL RSS URL. Yes
amount Restricts the amount of items returned. Defaults to number of items in the feed. No

Full UDF Source:

 Display rss feed.
 Changes by Raymond Camden and Steven (v2 support amount)
 @param feedURL      RSS URL. (Required)
 @param amount      Restricts the amount of items returned. Defaults to number of items in the feed. (Optional)
 @return Returns a query. 
 @author Jose Diaz-Salcedo ( 
 @version 2, November 20, 2008 
<cffunction name="cfRssFeed" access="public" returntype="query" output=false>
    <cfargument name="feedUrl" type="string" required="true"/>
    <cfset var news_file = arguments.feedurl>
    <cfset var rss = "">
    <cfset var items = "">
    <cfset var rssItems = "">
    <cfset var i = "">
    <cfset var row = "">
    <cfset var title = "">
    <cfset var link = "">
    <cfhttp url="#news_file#" method="get" />
    <cfset rss = xmlParse(cfhttp.filecontent)>

    <cfset items = xmlSearch(rss, "/rss/channel/item")>
    <cfset rssItems = queryNew("title,description,link")>

    <cfloop from="1" to="#ArrayLen(items)#" index="i">
        <cfset row = queryAddRow(rssItems)>
        <cfset title = xmlSearch(rss, "/rss/channel/item[#i#]/title")>

        <cfif arrayLen(title)>
            <cfset title = title[1].xmlText>
            <cfset title="">

        <cfset description = XMLSearch(items[i], "/rss/channel/item[#i#]/description")>

        <cfif ArrayLen(description)>
            <cfset description = description[1].xmlText>
            <cfset description="">

        <cfset link = xmlSearch(items[i], "/rss/channel/item[#i#]/link")>

        <cfif arrayLen(link)>
            <cfset link = link[1].xmlText>
            <cfset link="">

        <cfset querySetCell(rssItems, "title", title, row)>
        <cfset querySetCell(rssItems, "description", description, row)>
        <cfset querySetCell(rssItems, "link", link, row)>


    <cfreturn rssItems />



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