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formToNameValuePairs(formStruct[, doNotProcessList])

Last updated June 18, 2009


Stephen Withington

Version: 0 | Requires: CF7 | Library: StrLib

Pass me a form and I'll generate url-friendly concatenated name-value pairs of each form field. If you want me to ignore any of the form fields, I can do that too!

Return Values:
Returns a string


<cfoutput>#formToNameValuePairs(form, "SUBMIT,ISSUBMITTED")#</cfoutput>


Name Description Required
formStruct form structure Yes
doNotProcessList List of fields to ignore No

Full UDF Source:

 I generate concatenated name-value pairs from forms.
 @param formStruct      form structure (Required)
 @param doNotProcessList      List of fields to ignore (Optional)
 @return Returns a string 
 @author Stephen Withington ( 
 @version 0, June 17, 2009 
<cffunction name="formToNameValuePairs" returntype="string" output="false" access="remote"
            hint="pass me a form and i'll generate concatenated name-value pairs.">

    <cfargument name="formStruct" type="struct" required="true" hint="the form struct to parse and concatenate" />
    <cfargument name="doNotProcessList" type="string" required="false" hint="a list of form fields to ignore" default="" />

    <cfset var local = structNew() />
    <cfset local.nameValuePairs = "" />
    <cfset local.doNotProcess = arguments.doNotProcessList />
    <cfset local.field = "" />

    <cfif structKeyExists(arguments,"formStruct") and structKeyExists(arguments.formStruct,"fieldnames")>
            <cfloop list="#arguments.formStruct.fieldnames#" index="local.field"> 
                <cfif not listFindNoCase(local.doNotProcess,local.field)>
                    <cfset local.doNotProcess = listAppend(local.doNotProcess,local.field) />
                    <cfset local.nameValuePairs = listAppend(local.nameValuePairs,lcase(local.field) & "=" & urlEncodedFormat(form[local.field], "utf-8"), "&") />                        

    <cfreturn local.nameValuePairs />    


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