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getIsoTimeString(datetime[, convertToUTC])

Last updated August 01, 2013


Ben Nadel

Version: 1 | Requires: CF9 | Library: DateLib

Takes your ColdFusion date/time object and returns a string that represents the date in ISO 8601 complaint format. This separates the date/time values with a "T" and ends with the UTC-marker, "Z". Since it uses the UTC-marker, it will convert your date/time into UTC, unless you tell it not to (using the optional argument).

Return Values:
A date string as per ISO format


currentTime = now();

// Compare the HTTP time to the ISO time.
writeOutput( "HTTP Time: " & getHttpTimeString( currentTime ) );
writeOutput( "<br />" );
writeOutput( "ISO Time: " & getIsoTimeString( currentTime ) );


Name Description Required
datetime A date/time object Yes
convertToUTC Whether to convert to UTC before formatting (default true) No

Full UDF Source:

 * Converts your date into a time string the aheres to the ISO 8601 standard (for use with some API calls).
 * v1.0 by Ben Nadel
 * @param datetime      A date/time object (Required)
 * @param convertToUTC      Whether to convert to UTC before formatting (default true) (Optional)
 * @return A date string as per ISO format 
 * @author Ben Nadel ( 
 * @version 1.0, August 1, 2013 
string function getIsoTimeString(required date datetime, boolean convertToUTC=true) {
    if (convertToUTC) {
        datetime = dateConvert("local2utc", datetime);

    // When formatting the time, make sure to use "HH" so that the
    // time is formatted using 24-hour time.
        dateFormat(datetime, "yyyy-mm-dd") &
        "T" &
        timeFormat(datetime, "HH:mm:ss") &


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