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Last updated February 21, 2011


James Moberg

Version: 1 | Requires: CF5 | Library: StrLib

Creates a structure with the following contents: link: An array of all the URL's in the text. desc: An array of all the descriptions in the text. index: A structure with the link description as the key, and the corresponding array position as the value. You can use the "index" structure to look up the array position of a particular URL. For example, if you know the text contains a link titled "Next", you can look up "Next" in the index structure with StructFind(), and use the resulting number to get the corresponding URL from the link array. NOTE: If you use this with CFHTTP, you may want to use the RESOLVEURL option. ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Joel Mueller - Creative Internet Solutions (v2, 10/23/1998)

Return Values:
Returns a structure of matches.


<cfsavecontent variable="theHTML">
<a href="">Adobe ColdFusion</a>
<a href="">Microsoft</a>
<a href="">Google</a>
<CFDUMP VAR="#GetLinks(theHTML)#">


Name Description Required
BodyText String to parse. Yes

Full UDF Source:

 * Finds all anchor or frame tags and creates a structure that you can use to look up a URL by name.
 * @param BodyText      String to parse. (Required)
 * @return Returns a structure of matches. 
 * @author James Moberg ( 
 * @version 1, February 21, 2011 
function getLinks(BodyText){
    var objLinks = StructNew();
    var objIndex = StructNew();
    var arrLink = ArrayNew(1);
    var arrDesc = ArrayNew(1);
    var nextMatch = 1;
    var Counter = 1;
    do { /* find opening anchor tag. */
        objMatch = REFindNoCase("<(A|FRAME)[[:space:]]+[^>]*(HREF|SRC) ?= ?[""']?([^[:space:]""'>]+)(>|(([""']|[[:space:]])[^>]*>))", BodyText, nextMatch, true);
        nextMatch = objMatch.pos[1] + objMatch.len[1];
        if (ArrayLen(objMatch.pos) GTE 4) {
            thisURL = Mid(BodyText, objMatch.pos[4], objMatch.len[4]);
            thisTag = Mid(BodyText, objMatch.pos[2], objMatch.len[2]);
            if (CompareNoCase(thisTag, "A") EQ 0) {
                descEnd = FindNoCase("</A>", BodyText, nextMatch);
                thisDesc = Mid(BodyText, nextMatch, descEnd - nextMatch);
                nextMatch = descEnd + 4;
            } else { /* get the frame name */
                fullTag = Mid(BodyText, objMatch.pos[1], objMatch.len[1]);
                frameName = "";
                objFrame = REFindNoCase("NAME ?= ?[""']?([^[:space:]""'>]+)(>|(([""']|[[:space:]])[^>]*>))", fullTag, 1, true);
                if (ArrayLen(objFrame.pos) GT 1) {
                    frameName = Mid(fullTag, objFrame.pos[2], objFrame.len[2]);
                thisDesc = "FRAME: " & frameName;
            StructInsert(objIndex, thisDesc, Counter, true);
            arrLink[Counter] = thisURL;
            arrDesc[Counter] = thisDesc;
            Counter = Counter + 1;
    } while (nextMatch NEQ 0);
    StructInsert(objLinks, "index", objIndex);
    StructInsert(objLinks, "link", arrLink);
    StructInsert(objLinks, "desc", arrDesc);
    return objLinks;


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