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Last updated December 18, 2008


Chris Brickhouse

Version: 2 | Requires: CF7 | Library: UtilityLib

Detects whether or not user is using mobile browser by using the user-agent. Requires an API key from

Return Values:
Returns a boolean.


<cfif isMobileBrowser("apikey")>
   <cflocation url="#cgi.server_name#/mobile">
<!--- do nothing --->


Name Description Required
apikey Required API key. Yes

Full UDF Source:

 Mobile browser detector.
 v2 by Raymond Camden. Fixed var scoping, and made API key a argument.
 @param apikey      Required API key. (Required)
 @return Returns a boolean. 
 @author Chris Brickhouse ( 
 @version 2, December 18, 2008 
<cffunction name="isMobileBrowser" returntype="boolean" output="false">
    <cfargument name="strAPI" type="string" required="true" hint="API Key">
    <cfset var cfhttp = "">
    set options for http post. 
    see the handsetdetection api for more options. 
    <cfset var options = "geoip, product_info, display">
    <cfset var str ="">
    sign up for an API key from, otherwise this will not work.
    <cfset var thisxmlok = "">
    <cfset var thisxml = "">
    <cfset var server = "">
    <cfset str = str & "<?xml version='1.0'?>">
    <cfset str = str & "<request>">
    <cfset str = str & "<apikey>#strAPI#</apikey>">
    <cfset str = str & "<options>#options#</options>">
    <cfset str = str & "<User-Agent>#cgi.http_user_agent#</User-Agent>">
    <cfset str = str & "</request>">
        <cfhttp method="Post" url='' resolveurl="false" timeout="10" >
            <cfhttpparam type="xml" value="#str#" >
        <cfset thisXML = xmlparse(cfhttp.FileContent)>
        <cfset thisXMLOK = thisxml.reply.message.xmlText>
        <cfcatch type="any">
            <cfreturn false>
    <!--- throw if bad api, don't hide it... --->
    <cfif findNoCase("Invalid API", thisxmlok)>
        <cfthrow message="#thisxmlok#">
    <cfif not comparenocase(thisxmlok,"OK")>
            <cfset thisXMLOK = len(thisxml.reply.product_info.is_wireless_device.xmlText)>
            <cfif thisXMLOK>
                <cfreturn true>
                <cfreturn false>
            <cfcatch type="any">
                <cfreturn false>
        <cfreturn false>


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