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passwordCheck(password[, charOpts][, typeRequired][, length])

Last updated June 15, 2011


Scott Stroz

Version: 1 | Requires: CF6 | Library: SecurityLib

This function will check the complexity of a password. It will check for the existence of letters, numbers, and non-alphanumeric characters in a given password. Optionally, it can for check for the number of times each of these occurs. When specifying CharOpts, the following use the text potion of a CF egular Expression character class. For example if you wish to check for all letters, you would use 'alpha' in the CharOpts. If you wish to exclude character sets, add 'no_' to the beginning of the text label. For example if you wish check all characters but numbers you would use 'no_digit'. If you wish to specify how many of each character class are required, enter that number as follows: 'alpha 2, digit 3'. When specifying the number of characters to include for a character class, you are specifying that the charcater class is REQUIRED for the password.

Return Values:
Returns a boolean.


<cfset password="abcd123">
<cfif passwordCheck(password)>
Good password.
Bad password.


Name Description Required
password Password to check. Yes
charOpts Character options. See description. Default is alpha,digit,punct. No
typeRequired Number of charOpts that must be valid. Default is 2. No
length Minimum length of password. Default is 8. No

Full UDF Source:

 Checks the compelxity of a password.
 @param password      Password to check. (Required)
 @param charOpts      Character options. See description. Default is alpha,digit,punct. (Optional)
 @param typeRequired      Number of charOpts that must be valid. Default is 2. (Optional)
 @param length      Minimum length of password. Default is 8. (Optional)
 @return Returns a boolean. 
 @author Scott Stroz ( 
 @version 1, June 15, 2011 
<cffunction name="passwordCheck">
    <cfargument name="password" required="true" type="string">
    <cfargument name="CharOpts" required="false" type="string" default="alpha,digit,punct">
    <cfargument name="typesRequired" required="false" type="numeric" default="2">
    <cfargument name="length" required="false" type="numeric" default="8">

    <!--- Initialize variables --->
    <cfset var TypesCount = 0>
    <cfset var i = "">
    <cfset var charClass = "">
    <cfset var checks = structNew()>
    <cfset var numReq = "">
    <cfset var reqCompare = "">
    <cfset var j = "">
    <!--- Use regular expressions to check for the presence banned characters such as tab, space, backspace, etc  and password length--->
    <cfif ReFind("[[:cntrl:] ]",password) OR len(password) LT length>
        <cfreturn false>

    <!--- Loop through the list 'mustHave' --->
    <cfloop list="#charOpts#" index="i">
        <cfset charClass = listGetat(i,1,' ')>
        <!--- Check to see if item in list should be included or excluded --->
        <cfif listgetat(i,1,"_") eq "no">
            <cfset regex = "[^[:#listgetat(charClass,2,'_')#:]]">
            <cfset regex = "[[:#charClass#:]]">
        <!--- If regex found, set variable to position found --->
        <cfset checks["check#replace(charClass,' ','_','all')#"] = ReFind(regex,password)>

        <!--- If regex not found set valid to false --->
        <cfif checks["check#replace(charClass,' ','_','all')#"] GT 0>
            <cfset typesCount = typesCount + 1>

        <cfif listLen(i, ' ') GT 1>
            <cfset numReq = listgetat(i,2,' ')>
            <cfset reqCompare = 0>
            <cfloop from="1" to="#len(password)#" index="j">
                <cfif REFind(regex,mid(password,j,1))>
                    <cfset reqCompare = reqCompare + 1>
            <cfif reqCompare LT numReq>
                <cfreturn false>

    <!--- Check that retrieved values match with the give criteria --->
    <cfif typesCount LT typesRequired>
        <cfreturn false>
    <cfreturn true>


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