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queryExecute(sql_statement[, queryParams][, queryOptions])

Last updated September 22, 2014


Henry Ho

Version: 1 | Requires: CF9 | Library: CFMLLib

Include a cfm with this function if server.coldfusion.productVersion is 9 or 10.

Return Values:
Returns a query.


QueryExecute ("select from Employees where empid=1");
QueryExecute("select from Employee where country=:country and citizenship=:country", {country='USA'});
More example:


Name Description Required
sql_statement SQL. Yes
queryParams Struct of query param values. No
queryOptions Query options. No

Full UDF Source:

 Backport of QueryExecute in CF11 to CF9 &amp; CF10
 @param sql_statement      SQL. (Required)
 @param queryParams      Struct of query param values. (Optional)
 @param queryOptions      Query options. (Optional)
 @return Returns a query. 
 @author Henry Ho ( 
 @version 1, September 22, 2014 
<cffunction name="QueryExecute" output="false"
                * result struct is returned to the caller by utilizing URL scope (no prefix needed) * 
    <cfargument name="sql_statement" required="true">
    <cfargument name="queryParams"  default="#structNew()#">
    <cfargument name="queryOptions" default="#structNew()#">
    <cfset var parameters = []>
    <cfif isArray(queryParams)>
        <cfloop array="#queryParams#" index="local.param">
            <cfif isSimpleValue(param)>
                <cfset arrayAppend(parameters, {value=param})>
                <cfset arrayAppend(parameters, param)>
    <cfelseif isStruct(queryParams)>
        <cfloop collection="#queryParams#" item="local.key">
            <cfif isSimpleValue(queryParams[key])>
                <cfset arrayAppend(parameters, {name=local.key, value=queryParams[key]})>
                <cfset var parameter = {name=key}>
                <cfset structAppend(parameter, queryParams[key])>
                <cfset arrayAppend(parameters, parameter)>
        <cfthrow message="unexpected type for queryParams">
    <cfif structKeyExists(queryOptions, "result")>
        <!--- strip scope, not supported --->
        <cfset queryOptions.result = listLast(queryOptions.result, '.')>
    <cfset var executeResult = new Query(sql=sql_statement, parameters=parameters, argumentCollection=queryOptions).execute()>
    <cfif structKeyExists(queryOptions, "result")>
        <!--- workaround for passing result struct value out to the caller by utilizing URL scope (no prefix needed) --->
        <cfset URL[queryOptions.result] = executeResult.getPrefix()>
    <cfreturn executeResult.getResult()>


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