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readPropertiesFile(filepath[, varScope])

Last updated September 01, 2010


Chris Carey

Version: 1 | Requires: CF6 | Library: UtilityLib

Read a properties file (such as an ANT build props file) and return a structure. Properties file contain one entry per line in this format: #comment starts with hash variable=value variable2=value2 # you may assign placeholders for other struct keys foo=one bar=${foo} # this will take the value of foo

Return Values:
Returns a structure.


stProps = readPropertiesFile(ExpandPath('./'));

Example 2: pass in a structure to use for external values

properties file:

stProps = readPropertiesFile(ExpandPath('./', variables));

stProps will contain the key "foo" with value "hello"

Notice: Why not use ColdFusion's built in INI file functions? They require sections and do not support recognizing comments.


Name Description Required
filepath Path to the properties file. Yes
varScope A structure containing variables that can be used as token replacements within the properties file. No

Full UDF Source:

 Load and parse a .properties file into a struct
 @param filepath      Path to the properties file. (Required)
 @param varScope      A structure containing variables that can be used as token replacements within the properties file. (Optional)
 @return Returns a structure. 
 @author Chris Carey ( 
 @version 1, September 1, 2010 
<cffunction name="readPropertiesFile" output="true" returnType="Struct" hint="Read a properties file and return a structure">
    <cfargument name="filePath" type="string" required="true" hint="path to properties file">
    <cfargument name="varScope" type="Struct" required="false" hint="optional variable scope for value replacement">

    <cfset VAR stProps = StructNew()>
    <cfset VAR sProps = "">
    <cfset VAR i=0>
    <cfset VAR prop = "">
    <cfset VAR value = "">
    <cfset VAR line = "">
    <cfset VAR aMatch = ArrayNew(1)>

    <cfif NOT FileExists(arguments.filePath)>
        <cfreturn stProps>
    <!--- read props file --->
    <cffile action="read" file="#arguments.filePath#" variable="sProps">

    <!--- remove any whitespace at top and tail --->
    <cfset sProps = trim(sProps)>

    <!--- remove comments and blank lines --->
    <cfset sProps = ReReplace(sProps,"(?m)\##.*?$", "","all")>
    <cfset sProps = ReReplace(sProps,"[#Chr(13)##Chr(10)#]{2,}", "#Chr(13)##Chr(10)#","all")>

    <!--- loop over each line, ignore comments (#...) and insert keys/values into return struct --->
    <cfloop list="#sProps#" index="line" delimiters="#CHR(10)##CHR(13)#">
        <cfset line = trim(line)>
        <cfif LEN(line) AND line CONTAINS "=">
            <cfset prop = trim(ListFirst(line,"="))>
            <cfset value = trim(ListRest(line,"="))>
            <!--- parse value for other keys like ${foo} and replace from previously created struct keys --->
            <cfset aMatch = REMatch("\${.*?}",value)>
            <cfloop from="1" to="#ArrayLen(aMatch)#" index="i">
                <cfset aMatch[i] = ReReplace(aMatch[i],"\${(.*)?}", "\1")>
                <cfif StructKeyExists(stProps, aMatch[i])>
                    <cfset value = ReplaceNoCase(value, "${#aMatch[i]#}", stProps[aMatch[i]], "all")>
                <cfelseif IsDefined("arguments.varScope")
                            AND ListFirst(aMatch[i],".") eq "vars"
                            AND StructKeyExists(arguments.varScope, ListRest(aMatch[i], "."))>
                    <cfset value = ReplaceNoCase(value, "${#aMatch[i]#}", arguments.varScope[ListRest(aMatch[i], ".")], "all")>
            <cfset stProps[prop] = value>

    <cfreturn stProps>


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