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zDateFormat(offset, date)

Last updated August 23, 2005


Jeffrey Pratt

Version: 1 | Requires: CF6 | Library: DateLib

It takes a GMT offset and a date object, and returns a string representation of the date as a Zulu date (yyyy-mm-ddTHH:mm:ssZ). It checks for valid offsets and dates. It's useful in formatting dates as Zulu dates for Atom feeds, etc.

Return Values:
Returns a string.


<cfset mydate = now()>
#DateFormat(myDate, "ddd, dd mmm yyyy")# #TimeFormat(myDate, "HH:mm:ss")#<br/>
#zDateFormat("-0330", myDate)#


Name Description Required
offset Offset from GMT. Yes
date The date to format. Yes

Full UDF Source:

 Formats the given date as a Zulu date.
 @param offset      Offset from GMT. (Required)
 @param date      The date to format. (Required)
 @return Returns a string. 
 @author Jeffrey Pratt ( 
 @version 1, August 23, 2005 
<cffunction name="zDateFormat" returntype="string">
    <cfargument name="offset" type="string" required="true"/>
    <cfargument name="date" type="date" required="true"/>
    <cfset var sign = Left(offset, 1)/>
    <cfset var hours = Mid(offset, 2, 2)/>
    <cfset var minutes = Mid(offset, 4, 2)/>
    <cfset var zDate = "">
    <cfset var formattedDate = "">
    <cfif not IsNumeric(offset) or len(offset) neq 5 or (sign is not "-" and sign is not "+")>
        <cfthrow type="InvalidGMTOffsetFormatException" message="A valid GMT offset is of the form '-hhmm' or '+hhmm', with 'hh' being the number of hours and 'mm' being the number of minutes by which the date is offset from GMT."/>
    <cfif sign Is "+">
        <cfset hours = -hours/>
        <cfset minutes = -minutes/>
    <cfset zDate = dateAdd("n", minutes, dateAdd("h", hours, date))/>
    <cfset formattedDate = dateFormat(zDate, "yyyy-mm-dd") & "T" & timeFormat(zDate, "HH:mm:ss") & "Z"/>
    <cfreturn formattedDate/>


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